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NKF Team site.JPG
Team Hoodie 2007

NKF Aetna Team site.JPG

Special thanks to Bryan's coworkers at Aetna Ambulance for their generous donation to the National Kidney Foundation in his memory, and for their time and support joining Team Hoodie for the Kidney Walk. Thanks Aetna!

NKF Em & Ally site.JPG
Ally & Em

NKF Girls site.JPG
Mac, Ally, Suz, and Stef

NKF Ally & Ryan edit.JPG
NBC 30's Ryan Hanrahan & Ally

NKF Girls Walk site.JPG
Kristin, Mac, Suz, and Stef...ahead of the pack!

NKF Walking site.JPG
Em, Ally, and Dan

NKF Aetna guys site.JPG
Aetna guys

NKF Silvas site.JPG
Karen Ring with Ellen, Buddy, and Matt Silva

NKF Ladies site.JPG
Suz, Stef, Mac, and Kristin

NKF Ladies All site.JPG
Suz, Stef, Mac, Kristin, Ally, and Em

Kidney Walk Card edit 2.JPG
Team Hoodie 2008

nkf soaked.JPG
Ally, Jill, Em, & Mac

web walk 10.JPG

nkf dan & kris.JPG
Dan and Kristina

nkf all.JPG

web walk 3.jpg
Team Hoodie 2009

walk web 1.jpg

web walk 2.jpg

web walk 4.jpg
Stef, Ally, and Mac

web walk 6.jpg

web walk 7.jpg  

2010 team full.jpg
Team Hoodie 2010

2010 ally mike.jpg

2010 dan and k.jpg

2010 denler.jpg

2010 drew cheryl.jpg

2010 drew silas.jpg

2010 friends all.jpg

2010 friends.jpg

2010 heslas.jpg

2010 kids.jpg

2010 mac tine ally.jpg

2010 mac tine.jpg

2010 sarah susie.jpg

2010 tara tyler.jpg